Monday, January 22, 2007

Creative Differences

Citing creative differences, Shine Advertising has resigned the Go Daddy account. Shine was charged with creating the company's Super Bowl ads, along with handling marketing and viral components.
-- MediaPost MediaDailyNews, 1/22/07

Inside the Shine Advertising Offices

Shine Creative Lead (CL): So here's where we're looking to take the brand this year.

Go Daddy: All right. We can't wait. You guys are genuises.

CL: OK, instead of having a brunette girl with titties this year, we were thinking -- get ready for this -- a blonde girl with titties.

Shine Account Manager (AM): Two of 'em.

CL: Good point, Tad. Two titties. They're going to be round...

AM: And jiggling.

CL: Definitely jiggling. We're also open to wet.

GD: You can give us wet?

AM: We've got some new tech for that. No problem.

GD: Sounds good.

CL: OK, but we're not done yet. These titties? These wet, jiggling titties? They're going to be... wait for it... wait for it...

AM: I can't wait any longer!

CL: Sit down, Tad. OK, the titties will be... Large!

GD: I was just thinking large. Not small?

AM: Small didn't test well in our focus group.

CL: Yeah, small is definitely out this year. We feel very strongly about large.

GD: How big was the focus group?

AM: 50 people, over 5 separate meetings. I'll e-mail you the findings.

GD: Excellent.

CL: I'm glad you are on board with the blonde with the large, jiggling, wet titties.

GD: Well, we do have one concern.

AM: Let her rip. This is a brainstorming session.

GD: Well, the girl. With the titties. Does she have to be... blonde?

(Awkward silence)

GD: We were just thinking, you know. Brunette is our *brand*.

CL: I see.

GD: And we're pretty attached to it.

AM: Yeah.

(Awkward silence)

GD: Weren't you the guys who pitched us on the brunette last year?

CL: I'm really sorry, but Tad and I have a 2 o'clock.

AM: Right, with the, the, the thing.

CL: Promise to think about the blonde?

GD: I guess.

AM: Great. I'll follow up with you later this week.


Anonymous said...

You could have at least said, "inspired by Bill Hicks." Very unoriginal.

Anonymous said...

Bill Hicks had vitriol, this more SJ Perelman. And I likes it.

DMtShooter said...

For the record, I have heard the Hicks bit, but I wasn't thinking of it when I wrote this. But fair.

And SJ Perelman? Holy crap. Anyone who hung with the Brothers Marx makes my horn honk. Hat tip.

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