Saturday, January 13, 2007

This week's proof in the Beavis God

(Note: This blog's author believes in a Supreme Being that has the intellect and humor of an idiotic 12-year-old boy -- to wit, Beavis. If you disagree, please explain why Judiasm, Christianity and Islam all had to be born in the same zip code, the duck-billed platyplus, and the human knee. Holy war, Butthead. Cool. Heh heh.)

1., aka eBay for ticket scalpers, bought by eBay for $310 million dollars. So the 'tards that have been killing you with fees and charges just got hundreds of millions of dollars for their genius. Capitalism: the worst economic system ever, except for all of the other ones.

2. Tony Kornheiser, retained by ESPN for MNF next year. Can they also bring back Christian Slater, send Sean Salisbury over to my house to expose himself, or would smashing my head in with a brick be enough?

3. Jason Kidd alleges that his (soon to be ex) wife came to the stadium and heckled him from the stands. And yet, the media fails to tell us what was said. I haven't felt this let down by the media since they didn't disclose what Naked Detroit Lions Coach got when he went through drive-through, and how he paid.

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