Saturday, January 13, 2007

Top 10 Tony Romo Nicknames

10. Yoko Romo
9. Tony So-So
8. Joe Pisarcik
7. Oh No Ro Mo
6. Tony Ro v. Snap
5. Bony Blow Mo
4. Not Enough Bro'
3. Laces Out
2. Tony No Mo
1. Tommy Hutton

Anyone who hasn't been to, of course, needs to. Outstanding.

Add your own in the comments, of course.


Anonymous said...

Just thought I would share a thought I had after seeing the January 15th SI. In the "leading off" section, it says "Good till the Last Drop". Naturally, I think of Maxwell House and thought that would be another good nickname for Romo.

Michael Serviente said...

Either Tony Blowmo or Choko Romo!

Michael Serviente said...

Personally I like Choko Romo!

Dave Kaczor said...

How bout Tony hall-of-fame-o

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