Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Extremely Wrong Fantasy Baseball Team Names

(Note: All fit in the Yahoo 20 character limit, and clearly, we need therapy.)

Pitching Pederasts

Don't Tell Your Mom

Painful Urination

100% Sausage Fest

Miami Clap Machine

Chicks With Bats

Berman's Leathermen

I Brought Porn

Georgie's Roidies

Pee Wee's Dugout

12 and Under

Congressional Pages

That's Not Cuban


Shorty said...

hahahaah...hysterical...keep up the good work...


The Truth said...

Some additional winners:

Community Jock Strap

Those Aren't Pillows

Jerk One Out

Scuffed Balls

Pinetar Prophylactic

In Dusty We Trusty

Cubs Pennant Fever

ARod's Psyche

The Benevolent Buds

Hardaway's Homos (not really baseball, but couldn't resist)

Ads In This Size Rule