Friday, March 30, 2007

Employee No. 22

"I'm just an employee." That was Mark Prior's response to his demotion to triple A by the Cubs yesterday. I don't know what is worse - his infantile approach to this, or the fact that he thinks he belongs on the Major League club.

Let's review some facts here:
1. You have yet to make it past the 4th inning in any game this spring.
2. Your fast ball has not reached 90 mph yet this spring and there is no movement on it.
3. You were 1-6 with a 7.21 ERA last year and on the DL most of it.
4. You were 5 outs from winning the World Series for the Cubs in 2003 but couldn't deliver.
5. You are never healthy and the Cubs cannot rely on you.
6. You had one great year - 4 years ago. You are 24-23 lifetime in all the other years.

The fact that you think you should be with the team is a joke. This is about your ego and not being able to deliver on it's enormous size. What happened to this quote you threw out a couple years ago:

"It's not about personal achievements or personal wins, it's about winning as a team."

Prior also threw out some witty sarcasm about making the Triple-A All-Star Game "and maybe the Futures Game." Sadly Mark, you have to have a future to make that team.


Anonymous said...

"Five outs from winning the World Series?"

Truth must live in a Bizarro World where the Cubs actually go there. Even if Bartman hadn't happened, they would have still needed to beat the Yanks.

The Truth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Truth said...

Oh, you mean the Yankees that lost to the Marlins in 6? The ones who were shut out in the final game? Bizarro indeed.

But granted, I did mispeak, it should have been 5 outs from going to the World Series.

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