Monday, March 26, 2007

Utterly Worthless MLB Predictions

AL East - Yanks, Sox (WC), Jays, O's, Rays.

AL Central - Chicago, Cleveland, Minny, Detroit, Kansas City.

AL West - Oakland, Texas, Angels, Mariners.

NL East - Philly, Mets (WC), Marlins, Braves, Nats.

NL Central - St. Louis, Cincy, Chicago, Houston, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh.

NL West - LA, Padres, Rockies, D-Backs, Giants.

Playoffs: Dodgers over Phils, Mets over Cards, Dodgers over Mets. Chicago over Yanks, A's over Sox, Chicago over A's. Dodgers over Chicago.

AL MVP - A-Rod (bounce-back year, Jeter gets hurt)
NL MVP - Poo Holes
AL Cy Young - Johan
NL Cy Young - Carpenter
AL ROY - Delmon Young
NL ROY - Chris Young

Post your own in the comments, or not.


gomezticator said...

God, NO ONE respects the Mariners! You can't even pretend they exist! I know they've been the AL West doormat for 3 years running, but C'MON. LOL.

DMtShooter said...

Hence, the advertised worthlessness of the prediction. Fixed now.

NFL Adam said...

Who are the Mariners better than? I still think the Angels could win this thing.

Anonymous said...

AL Central picks you have White Sox 1st and Tigers 4th? The White Sox got worse in the off season and the Tigers got better - how did you come up with these picks?

DMtShooter said...

It's just a feel, based on the following:

1) Detroit won 95 last year and Chicago won 90.

2) Mark Buehrle was worthless last year, and Kenny Rogers was a horse. I think they'll change roles this year. Also, the Tigers are due for a fresh Maggie Ordonez / Carlos Guillen injury. Combine that with a general sense that a bunch of Tigers were over their heads last year (Inge, Monroe, Granderson), and I'm really not a Sean Casey fan, and it's easy to go from 96 to 88.

3) The predictions are Utterly Worthless. Jeez, you'd think people would notice that.

DMtShooter said...

And furthermore... Kenny Rogers is getting cut on. (FTT BREAKS NEWS Firs... um, after someone else does.)

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