Monday, March 26, 2007

Watchoo Talkin 'Bout Willis?

Peter Gammons has taken some time off from his usual biased Red Sox updates to create some conspiracy news of his own. Gammons claims (without any sources or facts to back up these claims) on his latest ESPN blog that the 2002 MLB All-Star game ending in a tie because one of the pitchers was in the clubhouse drinking and couldn't pitch. Here is the text from his blog:

"One of baseball's silliest notions is to pretend the All-Star exhibition "means" something, more than the price ticket holders spend in September, when games should be more important than something no one cares about. As it turns out, the reason the 2002 All-Star Game ended up tied was that a pitcher on one of the two teams was imbibing in the clubhouse and was not in condition to pitch, hence the game ended.

And that's how home-field advantage is decided in the World Series, not by regular-season excellence. But then again, what owner thinks about the guys who spend their money on tickets?"

After checking the box score from the 2002 All-Star Game there were 19 pitchers who played in the game. Looking at the rosters for both leagues, there were exactly 19 pitchers. So who was this mystery pitcher who was throwing down suds in the clubhouse and couldn't play? Unless Gammons is thinking this is a little league game where players can come back in after they've left, he's completely wrong with his above blog statement.

Peter - what's the scoop here? Seems pretty inaccurate to me. But then again, what writer thinks about the guys who read their columns?
UPDATE: Gammons blog now has the statement about the All-Star game. However, there is no mention as to why it is down, and Peter hasn't answered any of the messages about it in the comment section of his blog. And he thinks owners only care about themselves.


DMtShooter said...

Truth To Power!

As the game was in Milwaukee, how do we know they weren't all drunk -- you know, reflexively?

Personally, I prefer Pete when he's telling us the Astros faked the moon landing.

NFL Adam said...

What a douche. All players in the All-Star game should be required to play drunk.

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