Sunday, April 15, 2007

Big and Boofy

Today's ill-considered picks...

Rays-TWINS over. If Seo vs. Bonser doesn't finally get me off the over-under schneid (this one's at 10), I'm gonna Boof all over this blog.

Yanks-A'S under and to win. Harden v. Pettite, and the A's are scoring less than Ike with Tina right now. At 8.5, I'm liking this line, and Harden's going to get them the win, to boot.

Rockies-DBACKS, taking the Snakes. The Snakes are the early success story out West, and Doug Davis treats the Rocks like Ike treated Tina. Even if we don't have the Artist Known as BK Kim getting the start, this is money.

Season to date: 5-7, down $667.

Ed. Note: 2-1-1, with the push from the Rays-Twins and the loss from the A's-Yanks under. Now down $324, and in 6th. Fah.

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