Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Five Giant Head Moments

> Barry Bonds says he wants A-Rod to break his records.

As one more piece in the puzzle that is the ragingly unlikable depresive that is The Giant Head, that's amusing.

But here's the fun part... earlier today, the quote was "Do your damn thing." Now, it's just "Do your thing."

Insert your favorite conspiracy theory here for the Loss Of Damn.

> Larry Brown to interview with the Grizz.

Because killing Jerry West's reputation wasn't enough? The Grizz is becoming the Reno of NBA legends -- the place you go when your act just won't play in Vegas no more. Stop by the keno tables and get in early for the buffet, Larry.

> I win big on a 4-run 9th inning from the Fish.

Tim Hudson had 12 Ks and no walks, but ran out of gas in the ninth, then watched Bob Wickman blow chunks all over the field. You have to love baseball bets. It's the law.

> Big Stein spend another day in last place.

Today's rainout ensures it. We're still thinking this is another Lucy With The Football April, but doesn't the possibility of Big Stein's team being an also-ran just make you feel all tingly? Now, if only Boston could fall apart too, causing The World Wide Lemur to declare an early end to the season. Go Jays!

> The NFL Draft Is Coming!

The worst 600 hours of sports coverage ever, or the perfect cure for a terminal illness, because it will make the victims feel like they've had time enough to spare? It's actually both!

Oh, the drama! Will Matt Millen blow the pick? Will Jets Fans cry like infants with ear infections? will Mel Kiper Jr. make us ashamed to be mammals, because that's more in common with him then we'd want? And will we volunteer to clean gutters rather than watch? Yes, Yes, YES!

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