Friday, April 20, 2007

One on One

So to celebrate the end of the worst regular season in the history of the NBA, The Truth and I will compete in a head-to-head playoff predictions battle to see who is the bigger idiot. The loser has to do something that is deeply shameful and personally repugnant on this blog. (Details later. That's called suspense.)

Rules: Pick all playoff series. 10 points for getting the winning team right, 10 more for calling the right number of games, 5 if you are one off. Each subsequent round doubles the points on each pick. That's it. Predictions from each man will be posted later tonight.

Truth, you're going down harder than Larry Bird did when I played Doc in the classic PC game. Get (even more) used to the feel of shattered backboard glass in your hair. It's going to start ugly, then get bestial.

Ed. Note: Here's the picks.

Shooter Picks / Truth Picks

Toronto in 6 / New Jersey in 6
Detroit in 5 / Detroit in 5
Miami in 6 / Chicago in 6
Houston in 6 / Houston in 6
Cleveland in 4 / Cleveland in 5
Phoenix in 4 / Phoenix in 6
San Antonio in 5 / San Antonio in 6
Dallas in 5 / Dallas in 6


The Truth said...

Shocker - you spent your youth playing video games. What no Dungeon and Dragons reference? Did you lose your 12 sided die or something? If you pick NBA like you do MLB games, this will be no problem.

DMtShooter said...

12-sided dice suck, but not as bad as those 4-siders. They don't even roll! Give me a 20-sider, and I can do some *damage*.

8th level half-elfin fighter with an 18 in Lack of Shame, and a 17 in in Awkward Adolescent Memories

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