Friday, April 20, 2007

With speed

Twins-ROYALS over. Sid Ponson and Odalis Perez? Come on, 10-spot. 3,000 to win 3,240 on the 10.5 line.

Dbacks-GIANTS, take the Snakes. It's the second go-around for Russ Ortiz in SF, and he's facing the sneaky-good Doug Davis. This is one sequel that should never have been green-lit, 3,000 to win 3,180 on the Snakes.

Braves-METS, taking the Braves. Tim Hudson looks like he's back to his old tricks, and I don't think Mike Pelfrey is ready for prime time yet. 3,000 to win 2,752 on the Braves.

* * * * *

With two winners already in the bank tonight, why break the mojo with a fresh post? Here's Saturday's action.

Phils over REDS. Cole Hamels vs. Eric Milton is about as good of a road matchup as the Phils can hope for right now, and they're due for a laugher after tonight's heartbreak.

GIANTS over DBacks. Barry Zito's a streak pitcher, and the last outing was masterful at altitude in Colorado. Things won't go as well for Edgar Gonzalez, whose 31 HRs allowed in 126 career innings makes him a big target for the Bay Dunk Tank.

ANGELS over Mariners. Bartolo Colon's first start of the year has the good fortune to come against Horacio Ramirez, who is probably the worst Ramirez in MLB right now.

Season to date: 15-17-1, down $1,500, making a move, dammit (3rd in this week's rankings).

Once more with feeling...

To have any shot at the top spot this week, I need something on the order of a $30K swing. So I'm going to throw my momentum and bankroll on the biggest moneyline underdogs of the day, which are the Yanks in Boston facing Matsuzaka and a sweep, the Snakes in San Fran facing hot starting Matt Cain, and the ChiSox with tatooed love boy John Garland facing filthy Justin Verlander. It'll be a Festivus miracle, eight months early.

Season to date: 17-17-1, with one game pending, up $4K

Three (!) one-run losses on Sunday later.... 18-20-1, down $20K (ah, the perils of the Big Bet)

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