Wednesday, April 11, 2007

You Can Really Taste The Losing

Item: A-Busch is launching a team-specific packaging campaign for "more than 12 million cases of 111 different customized bottles, cans and aluminum bottles, which will be distributed in 26 team markets."

Which leads us to the following five questions, which y'all can feel free to answer in the comments, or not...

1) Would you drink a beer from the can of a hated rival, even if it was the same beer that was in your team's can?

2) When throwing beer at opposing athletes, is it important for it to come from your team's can?

3) Why doesn't anyone ever do this with wine, chewing tobacco or crack?

4) Will Cubs fans realize that, no matter what's on the label, they're drinking a St. Louis product, and are they too drunk already to care?

5) Shouldn't some teams have to have cheaper and worse beer. since MLB doesn't rein in the rich teams on anything else? (We're seeing the Brewers drinking Old Milwaukee, the Pirates going for Iron City, and the Royals with rusty cans of Sterno.)

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