Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hancock Family Sues the Entire City of St. Louis

At least that’s what it feels like. This is the only fitting end to a tragic story – make it worse.

Josh Hancock’s family has sued Mike Shannon and his daughter who own/run the restaurant where Hancock was drinking before he died. Stating it was their fault that their son was drunk. They are also suing the tow truck driver (which Hancock ran into), the tow truck owner and the driver of the wrecked car the tow truck was assisting.

Bryan Burwell of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote a great article on how embarrassing and frivolous this lawsuit is for the Hancock family.

Let’s blame everyone other than Hancock who:
1) Made the decision to have that many drinks;
2) Was not wearing his seat belt;
3) Was speeding;
4) Was talking on his cell phone;
5) Also had marijuana in the car with him; and
6) Didn’t even brake before hitting the truck.

How about this idea Hancock family – Josh got really drunk and made a tragic mistake. But if you must continue with this ridiculous lawsuit don’t forget to include the following person’s in the suit:

1) Ford - the manufacturer of the car Josh was driving for not making it indestructible to 85 mph collisions.
2) The rental agency where Hancock rented the Ford Explorer.
3) Tony LaRussa’s late inning pitching substitutions that would drive anyone to drink.
4) Bud Selig and MLB’s schedule makers. If the Cardinals would have been on the road that day, Josh would not have been driving.
5) Jacque Jones – he knocked in a run against Hancock in the game before his death.
6) Verizon – they did distract him by allowing him to have cell phone coverage.

Get the point? Ridiculous.

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DMtShooter said...

Additional parties to the lawsuit...

1) The state, for not providing fluffy pillows along side the road, and using asphalt, instead of playground rubber

2) Print media, for contributing to Hancock's state of mind that Drinking Is Fun

3) God, as manifested in various prosperous churhces, for giving Hancock the opposable thumbs that enabled the entire tragic day

4) FTT, for saying Mean Things

5) Everyone who reads this and smiles or snickers, even a little, for contributing to the family's pain and suffering

I just hope they're using Carol Burnett's lawyer. He can use the work.

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