Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nice Personality

For the benefit of any visiting athlete who might have stumbled across this blog during their daily Google search for HOT YOUNG CHEERLEADERS, FTT would like to issue the following public service.

If you, or any member of your posse, Mensa enclave or marketing team find yourself described with the following adjectives, DO NOT TAKE IT AS A COMPLIMENT.

> “He knows the System” (especially in regards to Quarterbacks)
> Bulldog (see Pitcher)
> “A good guy in the clubhouse”
> “A coach on the floor”
> Team leader
> Active in his community
> Heisman Trophy Winner
> Bosworth (or Mamula)-esque
> Physical specimen (as in, a turd)
> A workout demon
> A student of the game
> Just a naturally gifted athlete
> Colorful
> “His teammates just love him”

And, finally, inevitably...

> A Five Tool Player

Good luck, and we hope you find those WET SEXY TEENS you were looking for.


Tracer Bullet said...

What about "gritty," "fan favorite," "throwback" or "solid route runner"? All that is a fancy way of saying "slow and white."

Anonymous said...

"Throwback" is especially good when it comes in conjunction with god-awful uniforms. Throw it back with speed.

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