Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Take A Dive. You Get Five.

And that’s how it ended up for the Boston Flopping Celtics. As I wrote yesterday, they tanked their way to the second worst record in the NBA in hopes of securing the first or second pick in the draft. The worst pick they could end up with was the 5th pick. And that is exactly what they got.

Bill Simmons blogged today about his definition of karma, the Celtics “bad luck” and why they were due. How does a team who purposely tries to lose games have this sense of entitlement of deserving the top pick? And I’ll save you some time reading his next blog about how unbearable it is, how even his buddy Hench couldn’t cheer him up and why the number 5 pick isn’t that bad. (You can look forward to 6 weeks of why Yi Jianlian is more polished than Greg Oden or how Mike Conley is the best PG coming out of the draft since AI)

Reading the Celtics message boards, their fans share this same sentiment. A lot of “It’s not fair, we had the second worst record. We deserve at least the second pick.” I think the Celtics got exactly what they deserved – you don’t play hard and try to win, get in the back of the line.

The next shoe to drop is the inevitable “Stern rigged this lottery to punish the Celtics.” I’m actually going to encourage the spreading of this conspiracy theory. I like the idea of Stern dropping the hammer on a team that doesn’t have the moral integrity to play hard. Why should an organization that has made terrible moves be rewarded for trying to take the easy way out to rebuild?

Danny Ainge is currently on step 1 of the 5 steps of grieving – DENIAL. "We've been saying all along that we think this is a good draft, and it's more than a two-player draft," Ainge said just moments after the results were revealed on ESPN. "I still believe that we're going to get a player who has a chance to be an All-Star caliber player." Step 2 is anger. I’m sure that came as soon as the reporters had left the room.

This is an organization in disarray. From the GM to the coach to even the marketing department. Need proof? Check out the photo at the top of this post. This came directly from the homepage of the Boston Celtics. It shows the worst possible outcome of tonight’s draft for them – the 5th pick. And right below the picture of the number 5 ball is a button to get season tickets. Now you tell me the Celtics didn’t get exactly what they deserved.

Thank you NBA for an outstanding evening.


gomezticator said...

When I heard the Celtics landed at #5, I immediately thought of FTT.

Also, I find it funny that people in town seriously believe that landing Durant will save the Sonics and keep them in Seattle. They've already got one foot on the plane to Oklahoma City and nothing's stopping them, because King County is not giving them $300 million and thousands of fans aren't jumping back on the bandwagon just because of Kevin freaking Durant.

jk-1 said...

Now Rivers' contract extension doesn't look so smart, does it? The guy can't even lose on purpose properly.

Anonymous said...

Nice article ass wipe. You have proof of tanking be the Celtics? Or are you just jumping on that bandwagon like everyone else. you suck!

DMtShooter said...

The Gomez says the nicest things.

The Anonymous says the dumbest things. You want proof the Celtics tanked? Ryan Gomes freaking admitted it. And Celtics fans are wondering why today is nearly a national holiday...

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