Monday, May 7, 2007

Yankees Increase Gate Share To Losing Teams

(Roiders News Service) In a controversial move that has been highly applauded by their fans, the New York Yankees today announced that they were going to start offering a double share of the gate to opposing teams in the event of a loss at Yankee Stadium.

"Let's face it -- this is a very, very tough place for an opponent to play," said team president Randy Lopez. "It's also very expensive. After a long hard day of fighting the New York Dynasty, our guests deserve to have a nice night on the town. That's all."

"I appreciate the Yankees being so hospitable," said Seattle left-handed Jarrod Washburn, the losing pitcher in Sunday's game. "All of us can't be Yankees, but we all can benefit from them being in the league. Very classy."

Red Sox management had no immediate comment, but sources inside the organization report that the club is considering going to a triple share.

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