Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Fantastic Innovation From MLB

Not since the failed promotion of Spider Man 2 on the bases of MLB games have we seen such innovation. The brilliant minds of Fox and MLB have teamed up to bring you… wait for it… online coverage of the All-Star Game batting practice!!!

Chris Rose and Harold Reynolds (say it ain’t so Harold) will co-host the coverage on and
"This isn't going to be 'batting-practice cam'," Fox Sports president Ed Goren says. "It's going to be a television show on the Internet — that's where everything is moving."
Other rejected ideas for the All-Star game:

1) Clubhouse coverage of Texas Hold-Em game of the pitchers after their one inning appearance.

2) Barry Bonds helmet cam – too difficult to mount a camera that large.

3) Boat races between the coaches to decide the game when it ends in a tie again.

4) Harold Reynolds “Hugging Booth”.

5) Online voting to let fans pick the pitches during the 7th inning.

6) Dr. Pepper Fan Challenge – one lucky fan gets to pitch run during the game. $1 million prize if they can steal a base. $50,000 for dumping Gatorade on Tim McCarver.


Anonymous said...

"Boat race" sounds like it should be a euphemism on Urban "Man, did you see the boat race between those two? Donkey punch-tastic."

Rickey Henderson thinks Rickey should be in that game. Or, at least, color commenting.

If Dr. Pepper doesn't want to pony up for assaulting McCarver, maybe we could hold a telethon...

The Bee said...

Newhousies rock.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of FOX and the all star game, did you see this at all?

How long ago do you think they picked those players to be in the commercial?

DMtShooter said...

All I know is that whenever I think baseball all star, I think of the Pirates' Freddy "Dirty" Sanchez. His empty calories .300 average, sub .700 OPS and star power on a team that qualifies for witness protection... that's what the Mid-Summer Classic is all about.

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