Sunday, June 10, 2007


Well, Nation, the dream is over. Dan Shanoff moves on in the Hot Blogger Contest, despite his crippling good looks, throbbing site traffic, and Deadspin/World Wide Lemur bigamy. He squeaked out a win by a scant 50+ percentage points. At least we made him sweat.

We'd like to thank the 300 or so people who voted for us. We'd also like to thank Dan himself, who linked to our mudslinging and gave his readers the chance to vote for him despite his many, many failings. For this, we've added a permanent link to Dan's blog in the FTT Approved Blog Links. With this now in his arsenal, we're sure he'll sweep to the championship -- because, clearly, we could only be beaten by the eventual winner. Right?

For those of us who are still in the early stages of loss, we've provided a soundtrack clip for an evening of eating ice cream and crying. (It won't be the first time.)

(Oh, and as a final aside, I blame my kids for not being cute enough to turn around the voting. No ice cream for either of you -- this is *Daddy's* ice cream.)

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