Friday, June 8, 2007

I Guess There is Crying in Baseball

Who knew? As reported by ESPN, Carlos Zambrano and Michael Barrett shared a few tears after their little skirmish last week:

"He came to me the next day, and he apologized and I apologized to him and we cried," a teary-eyed Zambrano said after he beat the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday. "I still love him."

I'm sure an old-school manager like Lou Piniella is down with the sharing of these kind of feelings. What better way to end a slump in your season than to tell your fellow teammate that you love them.

Here are a few other phrases that you can probably hear most any day at Wrigley:

1. "My therapist thinks having me sacrifice bunt revives feelings of rejection and angst. OK if I just hack away Lou?"

2. "I'm going to pass on extra BP. Oprah is revealing her book of the month club selection right now."

3. "We still get juice boxes and fruit after the game even if we don't win, right?"

4. "Off day tomorrow - who wants to get facials?"

5. "Man, Lou is really uptight. He could use an Appletini or two."

6. "Queer Eye's On!!!"

7. "Listen rook, all these day games will wreak havoc on your skin. Finding the right exfoliant is an important part of your daily routine."

8. "Your fastball isn't moving and your curve has no movement tonight. Need a hug?"

You had me at hello, Carlos. You had me at hello.

Here's some more from our extensive footage collection.

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