Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Top 11 Justifications For Starting Your Fantasy Football Draft Preparations

11. Your man-crush for Vince Young can not be contained

10. Aw, c'mon... everyone else is doing it... it's not fair...

9. You've already got last year's list open -- so how much more time will it take to update it, really?

8. Just can't get enough Microsoft Excel in your life

7. Your Dungeons and Dragons session is off this week (the Dungeon Master is preparing for Pennsic)

6. Determining the proper place to slot Brady Quinn could take weeks

5. You've found yourself watching Arena Football, and want to do something more productive

4. Your free Yahoo league's only available live draft is in late June

3. You want to make sure you've got Larry Johnson on your team before the catastrophic knee injury

2. You are a baseball fan in Chicago

1. You Have No Life

(Bonus: Top justification for writing this post... attracting Google searchers who are doing draft research. Welcome, suckers! See you next time, when you are searching for titty!)


The Commissioner said...

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1. Best scoring system
2. Most intuitive internet site
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DMtShooter said...

Why you shouldn't:

1) It's marketing is being done by comment spamming

2) It's from some guy in Sacremento, where the Internet still consists of dial-up from a barn

3) You probably don't need much intuition in your fantasy football Web site, unless you're a complete dumbass

4) You never send emails about fantasy football to anyone outside of your league, because life is too short

5) $20 can buy a surprising amount of beer and porn

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