Monday, July 2, 2007

Bad Mechanics: MLB Round-Up

1) While having ESPN on the background, I caught an ad for a pitching mechanics tape from Tom House.

Here are some of the MLB pitchers who were cited in the ad: Nolan Ryan (OK, he pitched forever), Rob Nen (whoops, he flamed out early) and... Dave Dravecky (whose arm, some may remember, SNAPPED IN HALF ON HIS FINAL MLB PITCH, AND WAS LATER AMPUTATED).

OK, I get that Dravecky had cancer, and his mechanics were probably not at fault for his loss. Still, when I think Dave Dravecky, I don't think, "Gosh, wouldn't it be great to learn to pitch just like the guy whose arm snapped in the most horrifying moment in modern MLB history?"

All I'm saying -- Mr. House *might* want to update that list. Mark Prior, maybe. (Actually, he was mentioned as well. Maybe we should all just find another tape to teach the kids with.)

2) Jerry Narron, fired as manager of the Cincinnati Reds.

At 20 games below .500 despite a remarkable comeback year from Ken Griffey Jr., I suppose someone had to take the fall. But it's hard to imagine the manager making a heck of a lot of difference to a team with Kyle Lohse as the #2 starter. How this Reds team finished only 2 games below .500 last year is one of the minor miracles of our time.

3) Who got screwed out of the MLB All-Star Game?

For like most of the All-Star Game, I Could Not Care Less, and will mock those who do.

Here's a good rule of thumb to live your life by: if you won't care about something a week from now, that's a pretty good reason to not care about it right now. All-Star snubs work the same way. There's always a half-dozen picks that wind up getting fixed later, as players decide that being named to the All Star team is a lot more fun than actually going.

So, did Jimmy Rollins get hosed? Yes, of course. He also popped off earlier in the year when his team hasn't won in his professional career, and he's got no business hitting leadoff. So Jose Reyes is overrated, because he's a fantasy baseball beast and works in New York? Who the hell cares?

Honestly, we're talking about a game in which Gil Meche -- who will, in time, be the answer to many looks of stunned disbelief for his contract -- is an All-Star. (He's following in the hallowed footsteps of Royal All Star Mark Redman. Please, won't someone take away the one player per team rule?)

Barry Bonds was *VOTED* in by the fans in a popular vote. One can only assume they'd also vote in Paris Hilton, if only she was on the ballot.

You can be an MLB fan and not watch, or care -- especially as it seems many non-MLB fans were doing the voting. In fact, it's kind of encouraged.

4) Later today, Roger Clemens goes for his second win of the year in his 5th start. If he beats the Twins and Boof Bonser at the Stadium, that will get the cost per win this year down to a thoroughly manageable $11 million.

By the way, the Yanks are now 4 games under .500, 11 games out of the East, 9 games out of the wild card, and looking up at Toronto.

But remember, George Steinbrenner is a maniac who fires people without cause.

5) Milton Bradley, traded from the A's to the Padres, is... going to start his days in San Diego on the disabled list.

Somewhere, Chris "Slept on eye wrong; DL" Brown is nodding his head in respect. Milton, you're really proving all of the haters wrong...

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Anonymous said...

I think you'd have a better case arguing that these players got robbed: O. Cabrera, K. Johjima, C. Young and A. Gonzalez.

Hardy was definitely the correct pick for backup SS - he has better numbers than Rollins, with fewer ABs no less.

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