Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Blog Me Two Times, Baby


I've been invited to join a superblog (that's like a blog, but super) called Fun House Rejects. The ringleader over there is DC Scrap, and I'm proud to be his little dancing monkey. It was either that, or drive the damn car. And nothing stinks more than a contorted clown.

Anyway, when I've thrown something new over at FHR, you'll see a link to it here on FTT.

(Ed. Note: Site's still private at this point, so here's the post. Anyway, y'all get the gist now.)

Top 10 Reasons God Has Forsaken Kurt Warner

Greetings, sports clown enthusiasts. I'll be the dancing monkey at this little freakfest. Oh, and Hat Tip to the Sports Hernia for the image.

10) Bill Bidwell radiates an aura that prayer can not escape

9) One word: Brenda

8) Once Kurt got older than Jesus, he just stopped being cute

7) Just can't take the fumbling

6) Has to balance out the prayers of millions of gamblers, too

5) Once you work for Tom Coughlin, grace takes a vacation

4) Thought he could have put more effort into his book

3) Still bent over the loss of NFL Europe

2) Enjoys favoring the Niners, just to mess with he fundamentalists

and the number one reason...

1) The Arizona Cardinals are Job's team

* * * * *

Finally, rest assured that this is all still part of the great plan to Conquer Antarctica. The penguins are doomed.

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