Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Tale of Two Willaimses

Continuing the theme of the off-season where people can't piss on Milwaukee enough, Bucks guard and probable salary contract year hero Mo Williams is allegedly talking about going to the Heat for less money than the Bucks are willing to offer.

Some folks on the Internet are having a hard time figuring out why going to the Heat, where the old men already have their ring and the coach is old and cranky, would be attractive. The Heat are, let's face it, one long-term injury to D-Wade away from being bad enough to be relocated to the Atlantic Division.

These folks are, of course, missing a few points:

1) The Bucks aren't very good either

2) The Yi Era isn't going to be pretty

3) There is no state income tax in Florida, which helps alleviate the contract

4) The only people who would prefer to live in Milwaukee over Miami are... people who have probably lived in Milwaukee for their whole lives (and probably not all of them, either)

5) Miami's groupies are, how shall we say, in another league over Milwaukee.

Let us, shall we say, go to the tape.

Milwaukee's groupies...

Now, Miami.

Meanwhile in Miami, nominal starting PG Jason Williams is said to be nervous for his job. To which we can only say this -- don't sweat it, White Chocolate. Mo Williams isn't from Viet Nam.

And he doesn't have a Nike ad, either.

Update -- Mo Williams signs for 6 years and $52 million to stay with the Bucks. Guess that mid-level exemption in Miami -- which is to say, $5.3 million a year -- was too far from the number he could get in in the Great White North.

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