Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Top 10 Signs That You Are Becoming a Very Old Baseball Fan

1) You find yourself watching the Legends Game, and recognizing all of the players

2) You remember the "right is wrong" mnemoic for athletes wearing ear rings

3) You actually care about who makes the Hall of Fame

4) You've been in more stadiums that have closed than have opened

5) You can name a half dozen father and son sets of players that you've seen

6) You have received coffee table books in a non-ironic fashion

7) You've been to Cooperstown -- on more than one occasion

8) You wonder how you can make your lawn more like the one at the park

9) You can afford beer at the game, but it takes forever to get drunk

10) When you look at women at the game, they're old enough to be your... younger relative

Bonus -- When you know the names of batting coaches from their past lives as not good hitters. (Arizona signed Rick Schu -- yes, Phillies fans, that Rick Schu -- to be theirs. He'll teach them how to not hit at all like Mike Schmidt. H/T to the California Mookie.)

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