Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Top Ten Unanswered Questions About the Antoine Walker Robbery

Ed. Note: Miami Heat forward Antoine Walker was robbed at gunpoint in his Chicago home on Monday.

Since he's OK and no one was hurt, and this did not happen to us, here's a tasteless list....

1) Did any of the robbers look like Nazr Mohammed?

2) After stealing money from the Heat last year, did Antoine feel the experience was in any way ironic?

3) Which of 'Toine's donuts did the robbers enjoy most?

4) Why didn't the robbers go after a starting player?

5) Did 'Toine call up Paul Pierce afterward, and did Pierce remind him about that whole stabbing thing?

6) Who is 'Toine planning to rob in return?

7) The robbery happened at night. Why was 'Toine at home?

8) Will this get him sympathy calls from the refs next year?

9) Does this make him regret not playing in the summer league?

10) Is Pat Riley *really* relieved that 'Toine is OK?

(Bonus, stolen from an ESPN commenter -- How did 'Toine keep the robber from getting a shot off?)

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