Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Welcome to the slowest sports day of the year

Somebody get me a beer, and a Hank Williams Sr. record.


For The Love of Sports said...

time for you to start watching soccer... Arg vs. mex tonite and also USA vs Uruguay (under-20 wrld cup)... I promise it's better than baseball

DMtShooter said...

FTT works just for sir, you Lovely man, you. H/t, MediaPost.

The Times
ESPN is going all out to promote David Beckham's first game with the Los Angeles galaxy soccer team, boasting 19 cameras, including one that will track just him. And the July 21 match is being promoted with a TV campaign featuring a remake of Beatles' classic "Hello Goodbye," a print effort in USA Today and a one-hour documentary.

Beckham is also appearing with NFL star Reggie Bush in an adidas ad campaign, along with one for Motorola. But the odds are stacked against the player, in spite of his $250 million deal with Galaxy, which was greeted with bafflement in a country where 'soccer' is mainly a sport for young girls."

So the big question is whether anyone will bother watching. When he played for Real Madrid in Europe, Beckham could count on an audience of up to 80 million people, while viewing figures for Major League Soccer here are so small they barely register on Nielsen. "Competitive hot dog eating typically gets more ratings than soccer," says one LA-based TV executive. "But at least when you've got a zero rating, the only way is up."

* * * * *

As a fan, are you ready for 90 minutes of BeckCam?

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