Monday, August 27, 2007

Big 12 North Predictions

With college football kicking off this weekend it’s time to break down the conferences. We’re starting off with the Big 12 North. Otherwise known as the “there’s nothing else on TV so I’ll watch this” conference.

Most sites will break teams down by coaching, players, depth, schedule – all the data that actually means something. But not at FTT. We strive for a more shallow method of picking teams. And it helps the fan who doesn’t know much about the conference pick out a team based on it’s other “qualities.”

Each school is graded on five criteria and given a score of 6 (the highest) down to a 1 (the lowest). Criteria includes:

Location: Would you want to have to spend a weekend in this town?

Uniforms: Would you be caught dead wearing these colors/school logo?

Fans: What kind of a fan base do these schools have for their football program?

Coeds: Hot or not?

Bar Scene: Because really, it’s college – let’s get drunk!

Here is the analysis for each school:

6th place: Iowa State ( 9 points total Location: 3, Uniforms: 2, Fans: 1, Coeds: 2, Bar Scene: 1)The nicest thing about Ames, Iowa is the sign that reads "Thank you for visiting Ames" on your way out of town. Iowa State doesn't have much going on in football or otherwise. On the flip side, it's not too far from Iowa City and the Hawkeyes where you'll find great bars, hot chicks and good football. A side note: ISU is currently taking votes for new football uniforms for 2008. One version has the word "Cyclones" on the side of the helmet. The marketing campaign for this version reads " There is only one school nationally whose nickname is Cyclones." Is that really a good thing? Hey come to school here and watch tornados fall out of the sky!

5th place: Kansas State ( 13 points total Location: 1, Uniforms: 1, Fans: 5, Coeds: 1, Bar Scene: 5)
Ugly city (and I use the word "city" generously here), ugly uniforms, ugly chicks. That's probably why the bar scene is so happening and the fan base is so rowdy. There's nothing else to do but get drunk and root on your football team. And purple and silver colors? Too bad Rev. Falwell isn't still alive to out them.

4th place: Kansas ( 18 points total Location: 5, Uniforms: 3, Fans: 2, Coeds: 5, Bar Scene: 3)Rock Chalk Jayhawk, when does basketball season start? Not too into the football program in Lawrence and their football coach is one Big Mac away from a massive heart attack. But they have a great town with hot chicks to get you through the months leading up to basketball season. The bar scene and uniforms could use some improvement, but a solid across the board performance for a basketball school.

3rd place: Colorado ( 21 points total Location: 6, Uniforms: 6, Fans: 3, Coeds: 4, Bar Scene: 2)Great city in the foothills of the Rockies. They also have some of the best uniforms and there are few places better to watch a game then Folsom Stadium. The coeds are easy on the eyes (which helps after visiting K-State) but their football fan base isn't what it used to be and the bar scene is somewhat tame. But you really can't go wrong with the Buffs here and maybe making their way up to finish second.

1st place (tie): Missouri ( 22 points total Location: 2, Uniforms: 4, Fans: 4, Coeds: 6, Bar Scene: 6)
Major props to Mizzou for overcoming the armpit that is Columbia, Mo. When you drive into town, all the color instantly disappears and everything goes gray. However, there is nothing like some smoking hot chicks and an outstanding bar scene (Harpo’s before the game anyone?) to make up for this. The fans have really hopped on the bandwagon and they finally have some decent unis. This is the year for Mizzou to have a shot at winning the Big 12 North – or at least tie for it.

1st place (tie): Nebraska ( 22 points total Location: 4, Uniforms: 5, Fans: 6, Coeds: 3, Bar Scene: 4)
Yep, they’re back. Best fans in the Big 12 if not all of college football. They will travel to New Zealand for a road game if they have to. Classic uniforms, huge stadium that is always a sellout and a decent bar scene which turns a coed with a rating of 5 into an 8 after a few cold ones. Big test early in the year against USC. If they don’t get completely demoralized they should win the Big 12 North. And congrats – you’ve earned the right to get demolished by OU or Texas in the Big 12 Championship!

Next time: Big 12 South Predictions

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Mac G said...

You hit the Big 12 campuses down pat. Lames and the little apple are 2 of the shittier campuses in all of college. Awful places.

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