Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Brief Note To Raul Ibanez

First 370 at bats this season, when you were on my fantasy team roster, and I patiently waited for you to hit like last year: 6 home runs.

Last 22 at bats, after I finally tossed in the towel as your average dropped to .252 and it looked like you were going to lose your job... 5 home runs.

I believe my feelings for Raul can be summed up in song, especially the words about the gas truck. (Caution: Naughty words are in the clip.)

Oh, and the piece de resistance -- frequent commenter California Mookie has him now. GAHHH.


gomezticator said...

We Mariner fans had gotten sick of Raul's career collapse and Ken Harvey-like defense in LF.

Believe it or not, we're also not too happy about this sudden surge. Oh, don't get us wrong, we're happy that he's producing and helping the team win, but we're not happy because this means more time for him to suck in LF instead of giving young Adam Jones, who is better and has upside, a chance to show his better OF skills and get his hacks in. We were so looking forward to Raul's imminent departure, and now it looks like Raul's bought himself a few more months, maybe years.

We can only hope this hot tear is the start of better things, and not just a hot streak like the one he had a couple months ago (before sinking back into old-man crappiness).

DMtShooter said...

Adam Jones is what made me finally cough up this hairball.

It's amazing to me that the M's are in the playoff hunt with Ibanez, Sexson, Beltre and Guillen as the usual middle of the order. Just goes to show what a dominant bully can do.

Anonymous said...


California Mookie

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