Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crime and Punishment

You know the look: 16-24 year old male, boxer shorts, and pants that start about where the boxers end. It's offputting, goofy-looking, almost comically ugly.

And some misguided officials think it should be outlawed.

Like watching the Pro Bowl, listening to Toby Keith, or rooting for the Nationals, this is one of those offenses that is it's own punishment.

No one is going to arrest you for using the word "irregardless". People don't get busted while leaving a showing of "Rush Hour 3". We don't serve citations to people for eating at Taco Bell.

And neither should people wearing their pants around their knees like a big dork have their fashion sense outlawed.

Haven't they suffered enough already?

1 comment:

Mac G said...

Rooting for the Nationals is painful

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