Monday, August 6, 2007

Epic Drop: Don't Believe The Hype: Others Will Win 300

Tonight in Chicago, on a night that put the Cubs a game back in their bad division, saw the 2-to-4 week loss of main man Alfonso Soriano, and the triumphant return of Kerry Wood in the short relief set-up role that he probably should have had from the start of his career, all other stories were eclipsed by the end of the Bataan Death March that was Tom Glavine getting win #300.

Glavine becomes the 23rd pitcher in MLB history, and just the fifth lefty, to achieve bowling immortality. But rather than wonder how a man who spent decades nibbling at corners and winning despite low strikeout numbers could have possibly gotten this far, the prevailing ethos in the perpetually non-present sports media is this -- is he The Last?

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