Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dumbest league ever?

The Shooter Mom is joining her first league, so I'm giving her my draft prep. Let's just say that the league doesn't look too intimidating -- and yes, fantasy football is a complete crap shoot, but the following signs are, how shall we say, good.

5. In a 12-team league with one keeper, two defenses are off the board. Seriously. Baltimore and Chicago.

4 One of the people drafting is described as "a little special"

3. Two WRs are off the board (Terrell Owens and Steve Smith)

2. The message board is littered with typos. And big-time partisan homers.

1. Two QBs are off the board, too (Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer)

So, six of my top 12 players ranked in any draft... are on the board. Plus, the other owners appear genuinely bent that the Shooter Mom is getting experienced help.

Last year, I won a league where Reggie Bush went fourth overall (that team finished 13th out of 14), and Carnell Williams went sixth (sixth place). I never expected to be in a league that drafted dumber than that... but hope springs eternal.


gomezticator said...

Taking players off the board in any league is retarded by itself. What a retarded league.

I've played and done well before but I'm not sure I'm gonna play this year. I've been a bit out of the NFL loop so my drafting strategy would basically be grasp-at-straws.

More Credible said...

Wow. Please send me an invite to this league next year.

Fucking seriously, my Yahoo! fantasy profile needs more hardware.

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