Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our Flabber Is Officially Gasted

Actual Star Wars message thread based on something we wrote. The Internets is a strange place.

And to answer the inevitable commenter question, no, I didn't write anything at the link. (You're just lucky I'm not whipping out the Jar Jar.)


jk-1 said...

What you fail to realize is that those Star Wars have too much time on their hands, scour the internet and are relatively well-organized. That, and, they think everything relates to those movies. Watch out or you'll start getting unwelcome attention; I suggest you delete the original post and this post.

amidalooine said...

You're just lucky I'm not whipping out the Jar Jar.

Define, please?

Apparently sports blogs are strange places, too.

DMtShooter said...

In the words of Dr. Weird from Aqua Teen Hunger Force as he dropped trou... BEHOLD!


And yes, sports blogs are strange places. This one, no more than most...

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