Monday, September 24, 2007

Attention, Good Citizens of Jamestown, North Dakota

In this recent post by FTT's own The Truth, we were able to show how, in a single-elimination tournament, your own Jamestown Jimmies swung the most pipe in all of college sports nomenclature.

Since that momentous moment, FTT has received more traffic from North Dakota -- which, as you can see from this actual photo from our site measurement service, is so far north as to be in permafrost -- than could easily be imagined. By our calculations, 48% of the student body has already came to the site, and that was just in the morning, before getting on with their day.

It's also no surprise, of course, that the Jimmies have continued to give the high hard one to their opponents on the actual gridiron, too. In their last win over the stinky Beavers of Minot State (why did they even bother to show up -- didn't they realize that Jimmies always pound Beavers?), the Jimmies rose to the occasion with a 28-16 jackhammer of a win. This leaves the Jimmies at 3-0, undefeated, unbowed, and damn near invincible, at least to our one good eye.

Jimmies Nation, FTT wants to maintain its staying power as your One True Blog. But we can't do it without your help. To that end, we're officially announcing our Jimmies Only FTT Shirt Giveaway.

It's very simple: to enter, post your comments to this entry as to why you should be First Among Jimmies. Then, check back see if the judges have deemed your entry the winner, and we'll do the hook up to get your own FREE Garment of Greatness. (Of course, if other Jimmies want to be complete dicks about the contest and order their own shirt before the contest ends -- well, you can't keep a good Jimmie down.)

That's all there is to it: some lucky Jimmie is going to take us for a 100% FREE shirt. Your deadline is 6pm EST on this Friday, September 28 (and yes, it used to be earlier -- I'm giving you people a few more hours to get your permafrosted asses in gear). May the best Jimmie win!


Tracer Bullet said...

Let me tell you, people. I just got my FTT t-shirt and it is one quality garment. Made in naught but the finest sweatshops in south Asia by only the most talented child laborers, this t-shirt will not only protect one's nipples from the frigid North Dakota winter . . . and summer for that matter, but is guaranteed to make you run faster, jump higher and score more poon than you ever thought possible. And this promise holds doubly true for the ladies!

homer said...

permafrost ,smermafrost nobodys jimmier than the people in the north even macgyver (who is from the great north) could jimmie open anything or jimmie up an explosive device would be proud to don the FTT shirt especially since he is so good with his tools too bad hes selling used cars or doing documentaries on the discovery channel now and cant wear it on TV go JIMMIES

DMtShooter said...

Well, Homer, it looks like you're the Big Winner. Reply to with your street address and size (M, L or XL) and prepare for the coming of your own Garment of Greatness.

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