Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So in case you haven’t heard, the Pats are suspected of violating NFL rules by video taping the defensive play signals of the NY Jets in last week’s game. A video assistant for the Patriots had his video equipment confiscated and it showed indeed that he was taping the Jets calls.

Before the season began, Commissioner Goodell warned all the teams that this type of behavior would not be tolerated this season. It’s time for the Commish to come down as hard on owners/coaches as he has on the players.

The talk is that multiple draft picks could be taken away from the Pats. That’s a good start but Goodell needs to do more. You want to hit Coach Sweatshirt where it hurts? Suspend him for a week. Not a game, a week. Meaning, he cannot be part of or present for any game week preparation for the next game. The suspension would run Sunday immediately after the game through the following next week’s game.

And just when you thought Coach Sweatshirt was the biggest ass in the Patriots organization, owner Bob Kraft had this little nugget to say,
When you're successful in anything, a lot of people like to try to take you down and do different things. We understand that.
That’s right Bob, you guys are being framed. The fact that YOUR employee was caught with YOUR camera filming something the league told YOU would not be tolerated is all a big conspiracy to take down the Pats. Stop talking and wait for Bill Simmons to write your defense, because you know he will.


DMtShooter said...

The only meaningful penalty would be for the Pats to have to retroactively forfeit the 2004 Super Bowl. TO can come back for the parade.

Inside the Iggles said...

The Patriots should have five first round picks taken away from them. Just like the NBA did with Minnesota for Joe Smith.

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