Thursday, September 20, 2007

Epic Drop: Top 10 Sports Blogger Existentialist Questions (and Answers)

Your list is here, and here's a quick question to the bloggers in the house (and some days, I wonder if every FTT reader is writing their own blog)...

Do the rest of you throw a secret joke into the name of your image uploads? Today, mine is "Oui, I have, how do you say, anomie" -- which I note here just to spur The Truth into posting, because waving French in front of him is like tossing a live grenade. You may not like the response, but there will be one.

It's like putting on a bonus track into a CD 20 minutes after the song is over; complete wankery, the tiniest little Easter egg you can get. I do it out of some witless sense of finishing the job the right way. I'm genuinely curious: is anyone else so anal?

1 comment:

The Truth said...

Hey France! Guess what? We don't need your viewership here at FTT. Just like everything else that you do (or I should say, don't do) you are irrevelant to us.

You're not even on our radar anymore in Europe. New numbers are in, and you're out. Our number one viewing country in Europe? Sorry UK, close, but you'll have to do better. It's Poland. And we love Poland.

To toast Poland's success I will enjoy a lunch of sauasages, freedom fries and sparking wine from Napa Valley - the second best wine region in the world outside of Tuscany. France, you come in third. That's pretty good for you!

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