Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Guys Get Shirts!

Forgive me the repeat YouTube clip of Paul Anka's immortal greatness, but please be advised that we're now selling T-shirts with the site's logo for $18 (that includes shipping).

These are 100% cotton, available in M, L and XL, guaranteed to get you noticed, and, without a doubt, the very finest piece of merchandise ever to bear the FTT brand. To order your own, email me at shootout@mailcity.com, and we'll figure out the logistics.

Also, if you're a smoking hot babe and want to model for the site / Earn FTT Cred The Hard Way... we won't say no. And bring your friend, you know, the one that does That Thing With The Tongue.

If you are too strapped for cash or prurient interests to slice like a hammer and get your own Garment Of Greatness, there is Another Way... which is to say, be the FTT Reader of the Month. You can do this by either:

(a) Contributing comments like our first Big Winner, FTT Comment Hall of Famer Tracer Bullet. The Bullet's shirt rewards a lifetime of achievement, and the gift is the only thing that's keeping him from offing himself after Eagles-Redskins.

(b) Providing some exceptional service to the blog (this would include whoring out our links, getting us traffic from other sources, or getting us invited into cool events or other access)

(c) Shamelessly begging for it in a particularly effective fashion.

The decision of the judges in these matters is final. AND THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT IS!


Tracer Bullet said...

Not true. I've also got "Bound" on DVD.

DMtShooter said...

Gina Gershon is proof of God's love.

Get your shirt in the mail yet, and care to share a testimonial to its unspeakable coolness with the rest of FTT Nation?

tracer bullet said...

When I get it, I'll make the haters vomit in their shoes with envy.

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