Friday, October 26, 2007

Epic Drop: Top 10 Signs The Sixers Won't Contend Again This Year

Your list is here... and no, even I'm not enthused by the hopes and dreams of the current crop of laundry down at Broad and Pattison. Their best hope is that the Knicks explode, the Celtics get old and hurt, and that the ex-Mrs. Kidd goes after her hubby with a bone whip to the tendons. Even then, the Sixers still don't win the division, because the Raptors will just run them into the ground, but hey... a man can dream. Of .500.


The Sports Jedi said...

You need to do this list:

Top Ten Reasons The NHL May Overcome The NBA As The Third Most Popular Sport In America!!!
(and why soccer thinks it can sink the NBA even farther down the drain)

DMtShooter said...

Um, the NHL still exists? Appreciate the comment and all, but you may be reading the wrong blog. We are fans of the Association.

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