Monday, October 22, 2007

"I'm Not Hubie Brown" and Other Weekend Observations

Brian Baldinger is not Hubie Brown, at least according to Baldinger. Coming back from a commercial break during the Bears-Eagles game, Baldinger was heard muttering "I'm not Hubie Brown." To what that was a reference to, one can only imagine. The way he said it was very creepy.

Andy Behrens of Yahoo! Sports summed it up best:
The comment had a "What's the frequency, Kenneth?" quality. Like Baldinger was about to assault Dick Stockton.
All in all a great weekend of sports for The Truth. Here's a synopsis:


A great Saturday all around. The Kansas Jayhawks (my undergraduate Alma Mater) continued their unbelievable drive to stay undefeated by winning a huge road game against Colorado. I'm hoping they can stay undefeated for a final game showdown against Mizzou. That of course would lead to a drubbing in the Big 12 Championship against either OU or Texas who they don't play in the regular season.

And how about Vanderbilt (My grad school Alma Mater)? The Dores took it to Spurrier and the Gamecocks at South Carolina. It was the biggest victory for Vandy in 70 years. Two more wins and they are bowl elligible and they have Miami of Ohio up next.

Michigan (my adopted team since my wife went to school there and frankly, I needed a better team than KU and Vandy to root for during the college football season) stayed undefeated in the Big Ten by winning at Illinois. Let's hope they can continue this run in the Big Ten and end the season by beating Ohio State.


I'm a Bears fan, and there hasn't been much to root for all year. The team has major problems on both sides of the ball. The game Sunday against the Eagles was a snooze fest until the last 6 minutes of the game. Some observations:

1) How can an NFL team (the Eagles) have a field in that poor of condition? And it's not even the midway point of the season. That was basically dirt painted green. When they had turf, it was the worst in the NFL. Glad to see they have continued the tradition now that they have grass. Embarrassing.

2) What was that "false snap" rule we saw when Kruentz put the ball 20 yards down the field? That isn't a live ball? But after seeing that field, it's a good rule. They should have allowed tees for the centers to put the ball on.

3) Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. Gould's final FG bounced off the left bar and in for 3. A huge break for the Bears.

4) Not only was it shocking that Brian Griese led the Bears on a 97 yard drive with no timeouts and under 2 minutes to win the game, but he did it calling all the plays himself. His headset in his helmet went out and he couldn't hear the plays. Maybe he should permanently remove the speaker.

5) I was somewhat surprised to see McNabb jumping around like he won the SuperBowl after the Eagles scored their touchdown in the 4th quarter. I assumed he had scored a touchdown before. But okay I get it, big play of the game to that point. But later when he scrambled for a first down he was thumping his chest like he was king of the world. Dude, relax. It was one play, and it wasn't one that sealed the game. That more than anything made the Chicago win even sweeter.

6) Finally, why have teams given up on running the ball. The Bears have been notorious for it this year. But why did the Eagles stop giving the ball to Westbrook? He should have ended up with 35-40 carries.

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DMtShooter said...


1) Don was pumped because that was the first time since the knee injury that he actually made a play with his legs.

2) The field was in bad shape because Temple played there the day before. Yes, Temple.

3) The Eagle fans in the house want Sean Considine killed, or at the very least, cut. If Dawkins ever comes back, maybe Mikell can move to the other S position and save us from him.

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