Monday, October 22, 2007

Once More, Dear Friends: WS Picks and Update


Here's your updated MLB Playoff scoreboard. Remember, the losers in the Tool Division suffer Abject Humiliation TBD, while the winner in the Non-Tool Division gets a FREE Garment of Greatness. In this as in many things, it's good to not be a Tool.

Tool Division

Ninja - 60
Truth - 35
Shooter - 20


Joeski - 80
DC Scrap - 75
Zach - 45
Shorty - 40
BD - 35
Andrew - 35
Klondike - 30
Vegas - 25
Original DJ - 20
SDuck - 10
JCobra - 0
Suzy - 0

Third and final round, the points double once again... so if you pick the team and the number of games correctly, you're looking at 80 points. (One game off, 60.) Please post your pick in the comments before Game 1.


DCScrap said...

fuck I am awesome at prognosticating...

Red Sox in 6

Anonymous said...

Resisting urge to pull a Price is Right on DCScrap...

Red Sox in 4.


Sooze said...

Rockies in 5. Ah, Cobra... we have some work to do, buddy.

Mac G said...

Rockies in 6

DMtShooter said...

Just to ensure Maximum Suck, Rocks in 5.

Five Tool Ninja said...

Rockies Shock The Sox In Six

Anonymous said...

Zach sez:

Sox in 7.

DMtShooter said...

The Truth IM'd me before the game started: Red Sox in 6.

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