Saturday, November 3, 2007

Top 10 Things We Have Learned From The NBA So Far This Year

Hey, it's a list that doesn't require an EC visit. That either means it's really good, or that it's just a day where I'm not scheduled to write there. YOU MAKE THE CALL!

10. The Golden State Warriors could not beat the Utah Jazz, even if you let them bring captain Stephen Jackson's guns on to the floor with them

9. Indiana might not be terrible after all, but oh dear lord in heaven, the Kings will be

8. The Gilbert Arenas contract drive is not off to a great start

7. The Spurs are still really (yawn), very (stretch)... good... zzzzzzzzz....

6. Kevin Durant might shoot a lot this year, especially once he gets over his rookie shyness

5. Yi Jianlian isn't really getting a lot of love from the refs just yet

4. Kobe Bryant enjoys drama and free throw attempts

3. There will be many players this year with more 3-pointers attempted than regular shots (Peja, Korver, Linus Kleiza, Tim Thomas, Quentin Richardson...)

2. Brendan Haywood seems to enjoy not having Etan Thomas around in Washington, almost as much as Chris Kaman is not missing Elton Brand

1. Short of an Artest-level incident, no one in America will pay attention to the league tomorrow, thanks to the Colts-Patsmageddon and the TO Bowl


Pistons Fan said...

"7. The Spurs are still really (yawn), very (stretch)... good... zzzzzzzzz...."

way to buy into the msm hype. I will never understand how anyone can find the Spurs boring. They always make the pass to the open man for the wide open shot. Parker and Ginobili always run the floor hard on the break after the defense forces a turnover. The defense always helps off the correct player, and always rotate to cover.

They are not boring. You, like the mainstream media, just don't get basketball.

DMtShooter said...

Ah, the classic "I don't agree with your opinion, so you must not know anything" argument. Let's take this in stages.

1) Who in the MSM says the Spurs are boring? The MSM says the Spurs are wonderful. Find me a talking head on ESPN, TNT or ABC (i.e., the people that cover basketball for money) who says the Spurs are boring. It's like hearing someone on the television say we need to get out of Iraq immediately. Over half of the country might believe it, but no on television actually says it.

What they say is, actually, just what you are saying right now -- if you don't like this, there must be something wrong with you. Which is not exactly the best way to convince someone of your argument, or get people to watch the games.

2) You will never understand how anyone can find a team that always makes the pass to the open man, always runs the floor hard, always helps on defense and always rotates... boring. Four "always" in three sentences. For fun, do you also watch machines in factories?

Watching something that always does something is not entertaining. It may be good basketball; it may even be great basketball. But it's also, um, kind of robotic.

I don't always watch the NBA to just see who wins; it's kind of like jazz, in that the style of play is also important, especially in the long regular season. Which is why a fair number of people prefer to watch the Suns, or maybe even the Nuggets or Rockets or Warriors. There's a certain level of unpredictability, emotion and growth (or decay) that's, you know, fun to watch. And not predictable.

But by all means, continue to like the Spurs and find them exciting (though you may want to change your pseudo first). I actually do as well -- provided they are, um, matched up against a team that isn't like them at all. And if you don't agree with that, then you must have preferred Spurs-Jazz to Spurs-Suns last year...

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