Monday, December 24, 2007

The Giants Should Be Down With The Clown

With their win in Buffalo, the New York Football Giants, because their is only one Giants franchise in New York and that has been true for over 50 years, but people feel like they need to say this just like they need to say National Football League... now have a completely meaningless game against the Patriots in Week 17.

Given that they will not have a bye, and will most likely have to win three road games to get to the Super Bowl, where they could meet the Patriots... well, why on earth should the Giants put out any kind of effort in this game?

Seriously, G-Men... start freakish fat QB Jared Lorenzen. Run a pre-season vanilla package of inside runs to Reueben Droughns. Make the most anticipated game in the NFL Network's history a complete travesty. Stink it up on purpose in your home stadium, rather than with effort, the way you usually do. Give the Patriots another unofficial asterisk.

(And if, heaven forbid, you actually win with Lorenzen -- good grief, what a fantastic moment that could be for your future salary cap. Fredo makes big paper.)

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