Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Am Throwing Away This Post, And It Is A Good Decision

In writing this post, I started out with the intention to make a really trenchant point tying the end of the Eagles season into a far-reaching analogy to the debt that the evolutionary development of homo sapien owes to ancient retroviruses, as per a recent article that I read in the New Yorker...

But in analyzing the available options, and reading how the FTT reader base tends to defend well against posts that take too long to develop and refer to my esoteric reading decisions, I've decided to throw the post away with an out of bounds dick joke.

Hey, did you hear the one about the Eagles fan who wanted to start Feeley over McNabb, even if McNabb was healthy?

His penis is small and does not work very well.
I would know like to be praised for this decision, as all NFL quarterbacks who throw the ball out of bounds and quit on a play are similarly praised, regardless of the down, distance, or receivers who are open...

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