Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Most Magical Time Of The Year: Snub Time

My fellow Tools, is there a dumber recurring story in sports than Who Got Snubbed For The All Star Game? Honestly, unless you are the player in question and are out money from a performance bonus, there is no reason on earth why anyone should care.

The Big Snubs this year, according to the World Wide Lemur and the overly made up Mike Golic and Mark Schlereth (HD here is doing *me* no favors), is Marques Colston in the NFC, and Fred Taylor in the AFC. As Colston's owner in a fantasy league, I am absolutely THRILLED that he got screwed (and yes, he did -- Torry Holt?); I have Big Dreams of him absolutely cuckolding Drew Brees, who the opponent has. Throw every ball to him, Drew! Teach those Pro Bowl voters a valuable lesson! As for Taylor, as good as the numbers are, he's a committee guy. Maybe Addai is too, realistically, and maybe we just shouldn't send RBs to the Pro Bowl at all thi syear, really... and GODDAMIT, NOW I'M KNEE DEEP IN THE DUMBNESS!

Look, it's very simple: anyone who is snubbed in an All-Star Game almost *always* gets in, because it's much better to be named than to actually have to go and play. If you really care about this, you are twelve or an idiot, and in either case, you should probably grow up.

(And in a rare moment of actual sincerity here, kudos to the voters for sending Sean Taylor. He really did deserve it this year, too.)

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Tracer Bullet said...

Admit it, Shooter. When that list came out and Umenoria made it and Trent Cole didn't, you screamed, "Cole has more tackles AND more sacks! Hell, Justin Tuck has more tackles and only two fewer sacks than Umenoria!" and
tore your hair out (so to speak).

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