Monday, December 17, 2007

Um, one small question for the football pundits

If the Dolphins had such wonderful character and we all feel so good about them not going winless... um, why did it take 14 weeks for any of that character to show up?

I get that it had to be an incredible relief to not go into the history books as the very worst football team in NFL history, and it's nice to see the Brian Billick-led Ravens take one more bucket of confetti on the head.

But with the very real exception of Jason Taylor, is there a single player on this team that you would want to see on the roster of your favorite team? Isn't the owner (Wayne Huzienga) a reprehensible human being? Isn't the coach still wildly in over his head, starting with his downright bizarre idea that Reggie Brown and Jesse Chatman were equivalent talents, and that the frisky Cleo Lemon needed to sit down and watch the Weinke-riffic John Beck... and that the organization spent a high pick on a player (Ted Ginn Jr.) that doesn't project beyond fourth WR and marginal punt returner?

Congrats on the win and all, but it's one win, at home, against a team that has redefined beating itself. It's also a week before the Patriots eviscerate you, assuming that the good Lord doesn't favor you with another talent-leveling Nor'easter. For an organization that was a perennial challenger for most of the past 30+ years, taking the Special Olympics standard of Gosh They Try... should not be acceptable. Honest.


Tracer Bullet said...

Wouldn't 1-15 be the worst record for the 16 game era?

DMtShooter said...

Yes, but it's a tie among many. The 2001 Carolina Panthers were also 1-15, and so were the 2000 San Diego Chargers, and the 1996 Jets. (Having found three in the past 10+ years, I'm not looking for any more.)

DMtShooter said...

Ok, fine, I lied. Two more 1-15 teams... Colts, 1991, Pats in 1990, Cowboys in 1989, and maybe you throw the 0-8-1 strike year Colts in 1982 a little something. 1980 Saints also went 1-15... and that's all of them in the 16 game era. Phew.

So the Dolphins are, presuming they stay on one win, just one of a half dozen teams that were so close for imperfection.

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