Sunday, December 23, 2007


In the final installment of an update that you could not possibly care about, the Shooter Mom's team went down to defeat tonight behind a relentless onslaught of injuries (Parker, Colston) and our opponent putting up one of his best weeks of the year, despite having what seemed like bad matchups.

I knew we were in trouble when Willie Parker busted his leg, but there was a point in the third quarter of the late games where we were up 10 points... but that's when Matt Hasselbeck (our QB) stopped throwing touchdowns and Josh Brown (the opponent's kicker) started making figgies. Then the inconvenient Frank Gore, who suffered mightily is his bad matchup against the Buccaneers to the tune of 132 yards and a touchdown, took it the house. Despite the heroic efforts of the Titans defense, that was the ballgame, and Clinton Portis in the SNF game just piled it on.

Only a bitter, bitter man would point out that if we had gotten Najeh Davenport's production, and had Colston get, say, 100 of the 289 yards that Drew Brees threw for... we'd have won. But if my aunt had testes, she'd be my uncle, and this also assumes that Parker would have actually scored touchdowns, which as we all know, he wasn't allowed to do this year. GAH.

In other news, the picks also stunk today, and the Eagles winning just means that their draft pick will be worse next year, and it's raining and I have to work despite being off. Waah, waah, waah!

We end up the year up $250, which will buy an awful lot of malt liquor. But damn, that's a lotta scratch to be leaving on the table... (waah! waah! waah!)

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