Sunday, January 20, 2008

Epic Drop: Top 10 Explanations For How The Giants Got To The Super Bowl

Your list is here, and honestly... I know I'm going to watch the Super Bowl in two weeks, and I'm going to try to enjoy knowing that one of these two fan bases is going to feel bitterly disappointed, but great googly moogly... with the exception of Pats-Cowboys, this is the worst possible outcome for Eagles fans.

Either we get to hear about the Perfectriots (and yes, I've got copyright already, so pay up) for the rest of our lives, or I get to see Eli and Plexico and Michael Strahan and Tom Coughlin and the rest of the franchise that I would have bet anything were going to be 6-10 and cleaning house next year... all parading about. And I *work* in New York, dammit, albeit in a part of it that no one admits to caring about football in.

Maybe there's still time for the Bruce Dern option?


Tracer Bullet said...

And think of what they'll say about McNabb is Elisha somehow overcomes his natural tendencies and actually wins. Good lord, could watching the Eagles suddenly become even more unpleasant?

bostonbeaner said...

You copywrited "Perfectriots?"

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