Monday, February 11, 2008

3rd and Lebensraum

Far be it for me to look this gift horse video in the mouth. But it could have gone so much farther. Where's the turn by Wade Philiips as Sergeant Schultz? The Goebbels-like big lies of ex-Cowboy announcers on Fox? The twisted experiments to get Jimmy Johnson's hair to look like that? The goose-step touchdown celebrations for Mssrs. Owens Et Al?

You know, folks, in the wake of Masshole Puling, we've forgotten all about the Cowboys year. 13-3, and yet all they will be remembered for is the following.

(This would be your cue to wave your lighter in the air, though I suspect it's all cell phones now. Sway a little, too.)

And forgetting the Cowboys epic choke job and loss at home would be... wait for it... wait for it... just not fair!

1 comment:

tracer bullet said...

I am going to jerk myself raw watching these videos. Thanks, Shooter.

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