Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Epic Drop: Top 10 Reasons Barry Bonds Might Play In Japan

Your link is here, and the video clip at the end of the post is from one of my great joys in life, an incredible little ball of cheese movie called "InfraMan." Princess Dragon Mom, the head villainess, is a cute Asian chick with blonde hair (sure, it's probably a wig), a whip, and the ability to turn into a flying rubber monster. She leads her army of weirdly swaying dudes in rubber suits, along with hundreds of remarkably disposable guys in black unitards, against Our Hero, who Science has given a super suit complete with on board nuclear reactor.

And it all makes more sense -- much more, really -- than Barry Bonds going to play baseball over there...


blogger said...

No, no, no Epic. It will be Tampa Bay!!! We had this story nailed weeks ago.

Barry and the Rays are "a match made in .... somewhere....!!!!

It is doable. Keep the faith!


DMtShooter said...

Dude, didn't the guys in rubber monster suits tip you off that the analysis was, um, somewhat different in tone from what you are pitching at your site?

And someone has faith in baseball in Tampa Bay?

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