Sunday, February 3, 2008

Even More Pre-Game Notes

Joe Buck says this would be the second perfect season in NFL history. Wrong... becuase, believe it or not, NFL history does extend back beyond the Super Bowl era. (Says a fan of the three-time champion Philadelphia Eagles.)

The Giants enter with house music. That's intimidating! The crowd has a lot of Bright Big Blue in it, though... since one suspects that most Patriot Fans are too busy

Fox decides to go from some odd political aspect for the pre-game hype. Because heaven knows, NFL fans want to mix politics with their football!

The Patriots enter to boos and "Crazy Train." I think that confirms it; this is a Giants crowd, or as much as a Giants crowd that can exist at a Super Bowl.

This is when you know you are old: you have no idea who the anthem singer is. Jordin Sparks, who looks more worried than any performer should, will do the honors after the Burst Of Commerce. She honors America as a native and "American Idol" winner should, which is to say, with tiny nose pins, in a too-tight dress, looking like she's reading the words off a teleprompter as she's strafed by F-14s. Is it any wonder the rest of the world hates us?

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