Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bracket Challenge - Beat a 2 Year Old

There are all forms of March Madness pools out there - pre-fill brackets, fill per round brackets, blind draws, auction draws, do or die, head to head against the spread, and the list goes on. It usually consists of an office pool, group of friends or die hard junkie gamblers. When it comes to March Madness I'm probably in that last group. I usually enter about 10 different bracket pools, a couple of auction pools and a do or die pool. Multiple entries in each of course. And it goes without saying I play for fun because betting real money would be illegal and we here at FTT do not condone that sort of thing.

OK - back to the point. I decided that my oldest daughter was at the age where she was ready to get involved with her first foray into March Madness pools. She's two. Getting a two year old to focus on making picks is not easy. Over the course of the past three nights I was able to get her to complete her brackets. It consisted of me naming two team names and asking her to repeat back the one she liked best. Some of the picks were what you would expect from a 2 year old. Two picks almost brought tears of joy - her first round pick of #15 Belmont over Duke, and her second round pick of #8 Indy over #1 UNC. I asked her if she was sure she didn't want UNC and she said "NO, NO, NO Dada. NO UNC." The kid already understands integrity, maybe she can teach Ol' Roy about it someday.

So, fill out your brackets and see if you can beat a 2 year old at March Madness. Her picks are above in the photo - click on it for a larger size. Simple scoring rules - for each pick you get correct you will receive the following points: Round 1: 1 point, Round 2: 2 points, Sweet 16: 4 points, Elite 8: 8 points, Final 4: 16 points, Final Game: 32 points.

Good luck and here's to the future of our country.


DCScrap said...

Frankly I don't know how you got a two-year old to focus on anything long enough to get the thing filled out. I know, I have one (a two-year old).

DMtShooter said...

Truth tells me that he got it done over a three-day period. Those gambling problems begin early.

The Truth said...

Yes - 3 nights and a lot of cookie bribes.

March Madness said...

I love March Madness. Can't wait to place my bets.

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